Drake in Weeds for Hot Boxing Oklahoma Nightclub Monday 26 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

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Drizzy Drake smoked a blizzy blunt in a nightclub in Oklahoma City a few weeks back. The nightclub owner/twat now wants Drake to cover the expenses Drake and his entourage’s clouds of reefer smoke caused.

The owner of Dollhouse Lounge in OKC just sent Drake and his manager a letter — obtained by TMZ — claiming the rapper asked him to open the nightclub just for him on Thursday March 1st to host a private party … and it went off the rails.

According to the owner, Drake showed up with his massive entourage — and when the party was in full swing, several Dollhouse employees noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Drake’s VIP section.

The owner claims the party was shut down immediately — and soon after, the Oklahoma City Police showed up to restore order and usher people out of the club.

While the cops were there, the owner claims they discovered a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in Drake’s section — and then ARRESTED the club manager … after issuing her a ticket. [TMZ]

TMZ needs to hire some writers that don’t refer to J’s and L’s as “marijuana cigarettes.” We’re not pilgrims anymore. As for the story, well, it sounds like Drake doing what Yeezy taught him, just bangin’ that bitch out.

And Oklahoma’s nightclubs must be extraordinarily whack. People blow lines of cocaine and have gratuitous sex in nightclubs all the time–is one joint really far more of a nuisance than those activities?

Only time will tell if this means that Drake now relinquishes the top spot amongst Ghostface Killah’s 10 softest n*ggas in the game:

Hopefully the nigga stop droppin vagina bombs on niggas n start rappin like a dude tho nahmean.


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