Does This Look Like a Meth Kingpin? Tuesday 20 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

meth chick

What’s the difference between a former Playboy model and a former Penthouse model? Former Playboy models do naked bike runs for Nerd TV while former Penthouse models ship Meth from Hollywood to Australia, have 19 different aliases, and hide from the feds in a motel on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Cause if you’re willing to show your cooch in a widely read magazine, you’re probably willing to sell Meth to keep living an iced out life. Such is the parable of Simone Farrow, a former Ed Hardy Model who the feds tracked down and apprehended yesterday in Australia.

She has been on the run for a month, fleeing $160,000 bail, which she claims was because ‘someone was trying to murder me’.

Court documents reveal an extraordinary alleged life of crime behind the glamour of the modelling world which had set up blonde Farrow, voted one of FHM magazine’s ‘sexiest women in the world’, for a jet-setting life of luxury.

But it will be claimed that as the years went by Farrow became involved in drugs, standover men and other criminal enterprises in the U.S. and Australia.

She worked her illicit operation from an apartment near Sunset Boulevard. It was there she was kept under watch by U.S. authorities.

Police claim Farrow organised for high-grade crystal methylamphetamine, which was often piled up on desks in the apartment, to be mailed to New South Wales and Victoria hidden in parcels containing ‘bath products’, ‘pants’ or ‘small fountain kits’. [Daily Mail]

Tweakers gona tweak. This is, naturally what she looks like nowadays, without makeup:

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