All American Claims He Didn’t Know Brownie was Pot Brownie Thursday 29 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

bacarri rambo

Saying you don’t know a pot brownie had pot is less believable than saying you went to Hooters for the wings. I’ve eaten weed brownies, gooballs, candy bars, gummy bears, honey, barbecue sauce  and just about any type of edible form of marijuana out there. Even if there’s not a lot of pot in an edible, you can usually smell the cannabis wafting and almost always taste the bud.

It’s not something you don’t realize you’re eating. It’s not like someone QB sneaked a Xany Bar or a tab of Acid into your Mai Thai. There’s nothing stealth about a piece of food that’s laced with a herb. When you eat an edible, you know it.

But Georgia defensive back Bacarri Rambo is pleading the 5th, and god bless him for it.

“Bacarri went down to Panama City Beach with some friends,” Ingram said. “One of the nights he went to bed before they did. He got up the next morning, was hungry and found some brownies on the table. He had some with some milk and told me, ‘I got high.’ The other guys got up and told him that the brownies were not for him. Apparently they were laced with marijuana. [ESPN]

Yeah, cause when your friends bake a batch of wed brownies, you definitely have no idea they’re baking in the oven…Don’t even need to state how absurd it is that eating an edible warrants a four game suspension cause that speaks for itself. Do need to discuss that one of the best defensive backs in the country has the name BACARRI RAMBO.

Bro why are you still in college worrying about edibles when you can be straight kicking it before your name gets called on Day 1 of the NFL draft. The tang down in Georgia must be really good, because between his skills and his name, Bacarri Rambo is sitting on a gold mine.

I want him to go to the NFL immejiately just so he can star in commercial with a  wig on, tank top, and full Rambo get up. The setting is a nice Southern cocktail party where some aristocrats are about to take a brownie off a silver tray. BOOM. In swoops Bacarri Rambo through the window with a bottle of Bacardi Vanilla, coconut milk, and chocolate syrup in tow.

My man then calmly states “Desserts on me.” Cut to two blond Southern Belle MILFs arm in arm with black Rambo. Boom. Sold.

p.s. Is it safe to assume that anyone who wears Beats BY DRE smokes weed? It’s kind of like putting a Phish sticker on your bumper at this point.


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