A Simple Trick to Preserve Herb For Over Six Months Wednesday 21 March, 2012

By: Harvest Honey

Herb Preserve. Half ounce Jar lid open. XXX OG Jar open

Bulk discounts… who doesn’t love them? We pay yearly memberships to Costco, Sam’s Club and other wholesale retailers to save 20% on 40 rolls of toilet paper, 12 bottles of ketchup, or eight pounds of cereal.

Are you applying the same easy strategy to your herb purchases?

Many savvy smokers already apply this mutually beneficial logic while at dispensaries. An eighth ounce of Platinum Sensi Star might run you $60 with your card, but an ounce of the same strain can often be had for roughly $250. That’s $31.25 an eighth, almost 48% off!

So why do so many patients continue to walk out with an eighth when they could literally save hundreds of dollars by buying an entire ounce? One excuse used frequently if that it would take too long to use the ounce and the herb would dry up, lose its potency, and go bad before it’s smoked. Well that’s no longer an issue, thanks to the revolutionary stash jar retailer Herb Preserve and their extensive line of preservation containers.

Herb Preserve has come out with a popular line of ultraviolet nug jars that keep herb fresh for over six months. They block out all visible light and are airtight so your herbs don’t lose potency, dry out , or face color and smell degradation. Additionally, all of their jars are smellproof and jet black, so the contents are discreet and private.

They have completely changed the industry for growers and serious smokers and are showing up in the medicine cabinet of casual patients, too.

If you would like to buy larger quantities to save, but an ounce is just too much, they have a jar to fit your needs, whatever they may be. Their sizes are as follows: one gram, one eighth, 2 gram apothecary, half ounce, ounce, ounce apothecary, 2 ounce apothecary, and four ounce apothecary. They have 14 purchasing options in all.

They also recently added a preroll jar for old school smokers who like their strains rolled. That particular container can hold over a dozen prerolls.

Prices range from $10 for the one gram “LA Confidential” to $75 for their industry redefining “Louis XIII”. Their most popular jar is the modestly priced $20 “XXX OG” half ounce stash. They also give you free jars for spending over $25 and $50 and free shipping if you spend $75.

So they have over a dozen buying options, they can help you save thousands over the next few years by allowing you to confidently buy in larger quantities from dispensaries without worrying about the herb’s quality down the road, and they have great promotions. It’s probably time for you to buy and see for yourself why they’re known as “The Best Jar in 420 History.”

Through March 31 you can save 15% on your order from Herb Preserve by using the special coupon code WEEDMAPS. Buy quickly because the promotion is limited to the first 100 people who enter the code, and it’s been running for over a week already.

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Keep Your Stash Fresh With Herb Preserve
Keep Your Stash Fresh With Herb Preserve


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