70K Worth of Pot Shipped to Publishing Company By Accident Thursday 22 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

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Shipping marijuana cross country is not rocket science. You purchase or grow said pot. You vacuum seal said pot. You package said pot in an innocuous box or 10 (I’ve seen anything from Swiss Miss hot chocolate to Teletubby boxes used). And then you address said pot to your desired location with an invalid return address.

But a really crappy dealer noob out of San Diego overlooked steps 2 through 4, thus screwing himself and his would be buyer(s) over to the tune of 70 thousand dollars. The  two packages were sent by the faux-publishing company “ATB Books” with an imaginary return address–to a one “Karen Wright” of St. Martin’s Press on 5th avenue in NYC.

The catch here? That Karen Wright does not exist. So, even if the package had made it out of Cali, it could’ve wound up as an unexpected gift/press package for the folks at St. Martin’s Press. Unless Karen Wright was merely an alias for whoever accepts packages at that building or within the publishing company (distinctly possible).

But let’s assume it was a name-flub, because it’s far more entertaining to envision a stoned schmohawk labeling 11 pounds and thinking to himself “Did homeboy say Aaron Wright or Karen Wright? Karen, right?” And  in the dying industry that is publishing, rest assured this would’ve been a much welcome financial windfall to whoever opens packages at St. Martin’s Press (if it’s not the person who this package was intended for).

Or they may have just smoked it all. Cause if you’ve ever read Bright Lights, Big City, you know that when you toil in the literary world, escapism in the form of drugs is pretty much requisite.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting this chump sent the package through Express Mail–a practice you should start avoiding at all costs. Authorities check Express Mail items at a much higher frequency than three-day shipping items, as they’ve keened up on the popular practice of overnighting nug.

Also, it actually sounds like this sender tried to be stealth with his 11 pounds of pot:

Inside, the marijuana was found under layers of plastic wrap, according to inventory records.The sender had packed the Express Mail parcels with paper towels, Styrofoam chunks, and dryer sheets (which are often used by traffickers in an effort to mask pot odor).

But again, 11 pounds is a LOT of weed. Sending anything more than 1-2 pounds of weed through the mail isn’t ballsy–it’s just flat out dumb.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the “official” documents courtesy of The Smoking Gun–documents that give you a glimpse into how the authorities treat instances like this (hint: with a lot of corndoggery).

Click the images to Enlarge:

[The Smoking Gun]

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