War on Drugs Doc Wins Sundance Grand Jury Prize Wednesday 01 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

sundance 2012

Eugene Jarecki’s documentary, Why We Fight, won the Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize, so it goes without saying that this is a well-made film. The documentary is being hailed as one of the most comprehensive and realistic view inside the failed “War on Drugs.”

The film draws the conclusion that most level-headed individuals are aware of : the war was and remains a complete and utter failure. The film interviews many authorities on the subject, like The Wire’s creator David Simon–and also mixes in the tales of addicts who are jailed even though they are by no means criminals. Here’s the description of the film from Rotten Tomatoes.

Why We Fight director Eugene Jarecki shifts his focus from the military industrial complex to the War on Drugs in this documentary exploring the risks that prohibition poses to freedom, and the tragedy of addicts being treated as criminals. In the four decades since the War on Drugs commenced, over 45 millions of addicts have been arrested – and for each one jailed, another family is destroyed. Meanwhile, the prisons in America are growing overcrowded with non-violent criminals, and illegal drugs are still being sold in schoolyards. By examining just where it all went wrong, Jarecki reveals that a solution is possible if we can just find it in ourselves to be compassionate, and see past the decades of paranoia and propaganda.

Documentaries are often tedious and toe a fine line because of how slanted they tend to be–but when the filmmaker is a legitimate, respected one, the material becomes that much more viable.

Will this film have any impact on cannabis regulation? Or the medical marijuana community? Who knows–but it brings more exposure and publicity to the general fight to cease senseless arrests throughout the country.

Here’s an interview “Democracy Now!” conducted in support of the film, a solid glance into the injustices that the film exposes::

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