Suge Knight Arrested for Under an Ounce Thursday 09 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

suge knight mug

Add a celebrity to this week’s growing week of boneheaded pot busts. Big Suge was ridin dirty around the Vegas strip yesterday when the cops Hit Em Up, as there were some outstanding traffic voilations that warrants

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the former Death Row rap mogul was pulled over at 5:34 PM Wednesday for making an unsafe lane change in his sick black Bentley.

But when cops ran Suge’s name in the system … they noticed multiple warrants out for his arrest, stemming from minor traffic violations.

After a quick search, cops say they found a small amount of marijuana in Suge’s possession.

Knight was eventually hauled to a nearby jail for processing. He was released a shorttime later.

The law has not been kind to Suge since 1996. Really pigs? Really gota do Suge like that…again? For under a zip? I’ll let this screen shot do the rest of the talking:

Wikipedia, you’re good.


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