Study: Smoking While Driving is Dangerous! Friday 10 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

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Some Canadian schmohawks took the time to interview and poll individuals to reach the following, earth-shattering conclusion: if you smoke weed while behind the wheel, your chance of crashing your car doubles!

What’s more, the drivers in the study were not necessarily baking behind the wheel. The study found using marijuana within three hours of driving raised risks for accidents 1.75 times, compared with crash rates among sober drivers.

In the first large-scale review of its kind, researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada looked at nine studies involving nearly 50,000 people to determine whether consuming cannabis caused motor vehicle collisions. After looking at the accidents and examining blood test results and self-reports, the researchers determined the elevated risk among stoned drivers. What’s more, the risk appears to be even higher for drivers over 35. The type of vehicle also did not matter, whether it was a motorcycle, SUV, or even a bus.

The study didn’t look at what amount of marijuana raised crash risk, but the researchers found that people with higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the blood – which may be from smoking pot shortly before a crash or smoking a lot of it hours before – were more likely to suffer a fatal car crash.

Studies like these¬†really¬†get my boxer briefs in a bunch. First off, the article puts a nice little footnote at the end stating that NORML conducted a study last year proving that drinking and driving is waaay more dangerous than blazing and driving. At least they mentioned it. However, they fail to mention the words “Text Message” or “Twitter” once throughout this particular article from CBS. We live in a day and age where attention spans are at about 15 seconds, and if you’re not looking at the road, you’re probably looking at your smart phone and wondering what lies within. I can GUARANFUCKINGTEE you that Twitter and Instagram and Facetime and all that shit causes WAY more accidents on the road than some bros smoking a bowl while stuck in a clusterfuck of traffic on the 405.
Is smoking weed while driving a “necessity”: for sure not. It’s a luxury that should be used with caution. I don’t think smoking weed while driving to homeboys place around the corner or within a 15 minute radius of you is really necessary. But I also think that being stoned has a pacifying affect, at least on me, when driving. The urge to race around cars and speed subsides. The need to get anywhere fast disappears. Yeah, paranoia increases a little and I find myself checking the blind spots a bit more frequently when I’m blazed behind the wheel–but I by no means feel any less safe.
I’ve had my driver’s license for 7+ years and have only been in one accident in my life. What was it caused by? A ripple affect on the 405. I was sober as a bird. Yeah I was listening to music a tad too loudly/bopping around and glancing at my phone every now and then. I’ve smoked while driving more times than I can count. But I always make sure to keep in check. If it’s a four our ride, smoke a decent sized joint a half hour into it and coast through. If it’s a one hour ride, maybe a quick snap before the ride. It’s not really a wise idea to get blitzed and play a game of Chicago before or during a car ride–but a hit or two to ease the nerves is more of an aid than a danger, for some people.
And I can only think: had I blazed some Kush before that one accident–maybe I forget about the pending text message and just let my eyes be easy on the road.

[CBS News]

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