Pot Bust Turns a Boa Constructor Loose on New Hampshire Tuesday 28 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

snake with weed

Two men living in  Portsmouth, New Hampshire were recently arrested after robbing “an acquaintance at gunpoint.” Consequently, a police search of their the apartment they were maybe living in netted $6,000, over a half pound of pot, and, naturally, guns.

But the cops failed to confiscate a weapon more dangerous than a gun: the thugs’ Boa Constructor, which is now on the limb in New Hampshire. The 5-0 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire must not be that perceptive, because they failed to notice that a huge ass snake was in the apartment they searched.

When officers arrived, MacDonald said, the snake was gone and remains missing. The police captain said he had no description of the missing snake, but urged anyone who sees it, or knows where it’s located, to phone police.

The boa constrictor was last seen in apartment #9 at 100 Ledgewood Drive, the same apartment where police allege they found evidence related to a Feb. 22 armed robbery. The evidence includes cash, three pistols, bags of marijuana, a bong, pipes and a digital scale, said MacDonald. [SeaCoastOnline]

This snake and the Bronx Zoo Cobra that was loose on Manhattan last year should burn together. Or just gobble up some wax oil. Not too sure if snakes even know how to inhale the marijuana smoke.


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