Marijuana is the Least of Teen Mom Jenelle’s Problems Friday 24 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

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If you’ve been watching this season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 then
you know how hard it is to steer clear of Jenelle’s train wreck
of a plot line. While most people seem to think that this season
Jenelle finally “got what was coming to her” I actually think
that the most recent episodes were eye opening, not only to
better understand her character and her situation, but also to
see the unbelievable way that our legal system deals with, and
quantifies, Marijuana “abuses.”

If you’re not caught up on Jenelle’s story here’s the gist of it.
Jenelle (who is clearly unstable in some way) has a kid as a
teenager, without the birth father in the picture her mom takes
on most of the responsibility of taking care of the baby. MTV
then decides to take Jenelle’s life and make a lesson from it,
showing her party-girl ways, her troublemaker boyfriend, her
lack of involvement in her child’s life, and her mood swings and
temper. All of these things, you are led to believe, are due to
her addiction to that evil, evil drug called Marijuana.

Jenelle gets arrested, charged with breaking and entering
and Marijuana possession; she gets put on probation and
isn’t allowed to smoke Marijuana for a year. Here’s where
it’s revealed that she smokes Marijuana to cope with severe
anxiety. Without Marijuana, or anxiety medication she doesn’t
see any other option but to check into a rehab facility as if she
were an addict.

MTV follows her to, showing how difficult it is to deal with
coming clean off of a Marijuana “addiction”. Except, here’s
the thing, the therapists and doctors say that she does
actually have severe anxiety problems, she does need anxiety
medication, and she is actually bi-polar.

Now I’m not saying that Jenelle’s perfect, but I do think that
Marijuana was helping her anxiety and helping her deal with
her mood swings. MTV didn’t seem to agree with me about the
moral of this story, instead they choose to brush over the fact
that Jenelle was medicating for a legitimate purpose, and hope
that the viewer could come to their own conclusion about how
bad people smoke Marijuana, Marijuana leads to jail, and jail
leads to rehab.

The problem with this as I see it is that this whole ordeal
highlights one of the many issues with the way that this
country regulates Marijuana “abuses”. MTV chose not to
address this at all. The legal system prosecutes people, like
Jenelle, for Marijuana violations, essentially forces them into
rehabilitation facilities where they enter and are treated
as “addicts” and then takes those statistics to tell the American
people about the growing number of Marijuana “addicts” in
this country. Well I hate to break it to you, MTV, but Jenelle was
not addicted to Marijuana–she was bipolar and trying to deal
with here anxiety.

Without knowing that she was bipolar, she only recognized one
of the symptoms of this disease, severe anxiety, and she treated
it the only way that seemed to make it better, with Marijuana.
To me that doesn’t seem like a crime, it seems like a young girl
with a psychiatric disease who’s dealing with it the best way
she knows how. It seems like more of a crime to arrest her,
send her to jail, put her on probation, and send her to rehab,
when really all she needed was to see a doctor to diagnose her
bipolar disorder and help her cope with and manage it.

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