Does This Look Like the Face of a Grower? Friday 03 February, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

hilarious mug shot

If your answer was either yes, or a serious Phish head (Wook, as they’re so called), then you are correct! David Mallinson, 39, was arrested for an indoor grow of 86 plants and taken to Georgetown County Detention Center where he awaits bond hearings and lives with the fact that he’s responsible for one of the best mug shots in this millenium.

“Authorities conducted a surveillance operation that led to a search at 754 Crooked Oak Road in Pawleys Island after the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office and Georgetown Police received anonymous residents’ complaints, Cuthbertson said. Mallinson was arrested as a result of the operation.”
Another arrest thanks to misguided legislation and, most likely, poor grow preparation. There’s no police comment here, either, so we have no idea whether the grow was personal, planned product, or medicinal – though police see it all the same way at the end of the day. Apparently, the grow was worth upwards of $275,000 in the local market, and that’s not counting the 10 ounces of weed also found at Mallinson’s grow-op that have a nearly 9,000 dollar value.
Honestly, judging by that mug shot, the guy was probably growing for himself and possibly a few friends. The way marijuana seed growths are treated by the press is absurd, as well. Immediately, these reporters point to the value of the grow, don’t leave any options to assume that the grow was anything but illegal drug run material, and say stupid shit like that Mallinson was “manufacturing marijuana.” It’s a plant, people, and we just arrested another man for growing some flowers.
The south, proven by these two arrests this week, is in desperate need of better legislation and fair access. Hell, according to the Marijuana Policy Project, in South Carolina, 91% of all marijuana-related arrests are simply for possession. Any advocates down there working on making things better in the deep south? Tell us about it in the comments.

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