Man Smokes Weed With Baby on Board Monday 30 January, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


If you think a 55 year old man would have the necessary life experience to know smoking marijuana in the direct vicinity of a baby may have been a bad idea, then you thought wrong. Perhaps  Gregory B. Gray, a 55 year old Wisconsin native, was pulled over for speeding yesterday when a police officer noticed the scent of weed…and a 5 month old baby in the backseat. Maybe Gray is going through a mid life crisis. But rather than buy a motorcycle or take up cross dressing, Gray decided to blaze in the presence of a baby.

I’m not sure who’s a bigger schmohawk: this guy or the man who misplaced 9 dime bags in his four year old’s jacket last week. Common sense and patience, people. You can wait to get your smoke on and your rocks off till you arrive at your home. Especially if there’s a freaking baby in your backseat. Driving under any kind of influence is dumb as is. Add a baby into that equation and it’s flat out retarded to blaze.

In all seriousness though, does second hand marijuana smoke have any negative effect on babies? I’d be surprised if that’s the case. And I guarantee weed would help babies deal with some of their growing pain, a la whiskey. Teething? Toss some keef in those gums. Crying? Toss a little Kush in their mush.

[CBS Minnesota]

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