“James Bond” Style Grow Busted in England Tuesday 31 January, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

britain cannabis ballers

What a headline from today’s Daily Mail out of the UK, who of course will link any criminal enterprise story to British folk hero 007: “A licence to deal: James Bond-style sliding bookcase leads police to hidden cannabis farm and haul of deadly shotguns”

And that they did, shattering the wallets and seizing over 600 plants from a 600,000 Euro marijuana grow operation in Bradford Leigh, Wilstshire. The police arrested four men in total, and also confiscated seven shotguns. They were led to a hidden secret door that in a farmhouse that led to the grow room.

They prised open the wooden bookcase and discovered a network of hi-tech drug rooms linked by a sophisticated watering system.

Four men were arrested following the raid in Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, which officers compared to something out of a 007 spy movie.

Sergeant Scott Hargreave, from Wiltshire Police, said: ‘There was quite a sophisticated set-up on the farm to hide the plants.

‘They had a door mocked-up as a bookcase, which looked like something from a James Bond film. While they had gone to extreme measures to insulate the roofs of the buildings to avoid detection from heat sensors.

Who knew that the Brits had such sophisticated cannabis grow operations? I was under the impression it was more of a hash country. These guys clearly knew what they were doing, but ended up on the wrong end of what was probably a NARC tip. Light some Kush up in memory of these fallen flowers.

These guys think they’re Super Troopers or something? Pshh.

[Daily Mail]

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  • roor bongs says:

    Looks like a nice set up, shame it got busted! There used to be a lot more hash in the UK like 20 – 20 years ago. It’s inda hard to come across now, herbal cannabis is much more common. Oh and fuck the police!

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