‘Weed Wars’ Lawsuit Friday 16 December, 2011

By: Kaptain Kush

Weed Wars Debut

A woman is suing Discovery Communications because she claims the genesis behind ‘Weed Wars’ comes from a pitch she made to Discovery last year.

In a detailed lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Kylie Krabbe claims she came up with the idea of creating a reality series based on a medical marijuana dispensary and took it to an organized pitch session in 2010, where she won the right to pitch Discovery executives. Krabbe says she then developed a show to be called Greener Pastures, featuring the proprietor of a pot dispensary in Santa Barbara, and registered the treatment with the WGA before pitching Discovery execs.

Cry me a river…Listen Kylie, I’m sure you had a swell idea for a reality TV show centered around weed. But you probably weren’t the first person to pitch a network about a marijuana-based reality TV show, and you won’t be the last, given the buzz around the industry.

Maybe your treatment just wasn’t very good–or the dispensary you wanted to focus on probably wasn’t suited for network television. The only merit this claim would have is if her treatment was actually about Harborside Health Center–which it was not.

Ideas are like assholes–everyone has them. And networks and executive recycle them and roll with what’s hot. ‘Weed Wars’ is not the only reality show or documentary about marijuana out there–get over it.

[Hollywood Reporter]


  • Mike says:

    I agree. Next thing you know she’ll sue High Times because she came up with the idea of a Bud Centerfold one night when she was looking at Playgirl on acid and hallucinated that something was a plant stalk back in the early ’70′s.

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